Coffee break kit by Pat’s scrap

Pat’s Scrap vous propose un  kit pour scrapper vos photos entre amis

il est proposé à – 20 % pour un temps limité et la collection à – 30 %

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Monthly digest : september kit by Mediterranka

Hello dears:)
Sptember is the first month of the autumn. If I had to describe September in one word it would be Asters. When I was a schoolgirl, I always get from my Grandma a big bouqet of asters to go to the school on 1. September. They were so pretty in various colors of fall – white, light pink, red, purple and dark blue. If I had to describe September in one color, it would be yellow for the autumn leaves. So is September for me.
Early Autumn. The leaves are falling.
Carefully step into the grass.
Every leaf is a little face of foxy…
This is the earth where I live.

Foxes quarrel, foxes yearn,
foxes celebrate, cry, sing,
and when they lit their pipes,
It means the rains are coming.

The burning runs on the stems,
and they disappear in the moat.
Every stem is the body of reindeer …
This is the earth where I live.

The red oak tree with blue horns
waiting for an opponent from the silence …
Be careful: the ax is below the feet!
And the back roads were burned down!

… But in the forest, at the pine entrance,
someone really believes in it …
Nothing to do: it’s the nature!
This is the earth where I live.

 (Bulat Okudjava)

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Grandma’s jam kit by Mediterranka

Hello dears:)
The summer is almost over. When I was a child, my grandma was busy every August with making jams, preserves and conserves. It was so many fruits and berries in our garden and in the forest near our village, that we spent many days on the kitchen, looking how grandma makes her own magic with big pots and mason jars. Sure, I still can feel that absolutely fantastic smell of fresh jam. It’s so yummy! Enjoy my August collection full of various berries!
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X.O., your Olesya