Awaiting the Postman by Graphia Bella

Nouveau kit de Graphia Bella

 » Awaiting the Postman « 


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Awaiting the postman (mini kit) par Graphia Bella

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A waiting the postman Graphia Bella



Gog is with you kit by Mediterranka

Hello dears
Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, my father gave me a very beautiful book with blue cover and lots of amazing pictures inside. It was the children’s Bible. The strange thing was, that my father was an atheist, but exactly he gave me the idea to become a christian. My father was against this idea, but I could not stop myself. Many years have passed since my childhood, but I still on my way to the God. I’m thankful to Him for my family and everything, what happens to me in my life.
Enjoy my new collection  »God is with you ». 
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